Thursday, July 31, 2014


im gonna on a hiatus from now until O'level ends....

Only left with 77 days before O's so im really going to give in my all and study for it and hopefully I can go in the course I want by DPA,JAE or normal ^^

Ending my last post here before I comeback again :)

Thankkyuuuu so much for reading my blog :)
*hugs everyone* *blow flying kisses*

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fun week ♡

Apparently i couldn't hide anymore the FANTASTIC week that just passed

The week started off with some prank that my Aussie Aunty tricked us ><! 
Saying that her friend is coming over to Singapore and she wants to pass us stuffs through her but in fact she and her family was the one coming over 
So ... first day of meeting them after getting tricked for at least a month or more .... Cutie JiYing :P

We went to USS together and OMGOSH can you believed that we actually played The Mommy ride for more than 10 times just to get the perfect picture XD (2nd We = Uncle Kenny , Clare and me) Since the red and blue ride wasn't open ...
After that went to their hotel for a bathe and just took a random photo HAHAAH
Dinner together at no signboard on one of the day :) took picture with this cutie again AHAHA He likes to play and sit with me :P
We also went to the OCBC skywalk :)Darn! we missed the fireworks by a minute... I mean we watched it at ground floor instead of at the skywalk....
Just a selfie
Just take a minute and look at the awesome night view of Singapore
Thankkyu guys so much for the gifts. Theres more but since this 2 are mine and not for sharing XD  Now I got more ideas to cook more lunch when I'm alone thanks to the Jamie' 15 Minute Meals


So I'll end my blog here and hopefully I find time to update it again ! Thankyou for reading

Friday, July 18, 2014

Quick update

So im back again just to keep my blog alive :P it's almost a year since I update it hehehe sorry guys cause its o'level year, it's so busy ㅠㅠ but I promise to keep it update after 10 Nov 2014 that's when the freaking O'level will end OFFICIALLY for me !

Yeap just before I update my blog I just did a quick DIY on my phone ♡ 김현중 ♡

And if you always want to be updated on what im doing feel free to my instagram ^^

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Next up

Hmm... ok just back here for a notice :)
Sorry for not postin after a long time *guilty*
But after posting finish my Italy Art trip, up next will be about...
-오빠 Enlistment
-church retreat 2013

Thats for sure ^^ and hopefully I can post them all before the year ends and hopefully to post about Christmas/New year thats gonna to come soon

But the best thing is still to look at my instagram for the most updated stuffs :) so feel free to follow or like my awesome photos on " Jamie0515" 

Thankkyu ♡

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Choi Ji Hyuk

Freaaaak can he not ~~~♡♡♡


I wanna have a wake up call like that♡♡♡

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Italy School Art Trip 2013 pt1

 D1&D2 of Italy

OK.... im kinda lazy to update this few months and I guess you guess died waiting for a new post LOL :P So as I've promised im gonna update about my art trip to Itay :) Im too lazy to write a caption for all the pictures... but I promise to do it (Complete this post) so I'll let the pictures do the talking first ^^ 

Getting onto the double decker plane to Frankfurt

Dinner on the plane and that ends Day1 that was totally spent on the plane.

After HOURS we finally reached