Monday, February 16, 2015

Italy School Art Trip Pt 6 (Last)

So we had breakfast at the last hotel... and thats where my bag got stolen while i went to take my food.. STOLEN IN THE HOTEL RESTAURANT ! 

Just that instance when I got back from taking my food, my bag was GONE ! And so was my partners ( I thought my friends played a prank on me since I still have my camera and art book BUT IT WASNT!) . I saw her and 2-3 of my other friends running out ( I think they saw the culprit and gave chase but couldn't after he made a turned somewhere outside the hotel) than they started asking the 2 people who were in-charged of checking our meal coupons if they saw that person running with our bags. Which they denied and said that they were not at the entrance when it all happened. Which made me suspect that they were together with that culprit like allowing him/her(Sorry I have no idea if that person was a male or female. Most likely male LOL) to enter the premise without the breakfast ticket and purposely not standing at the entrance.

So that day was THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE! I will never forget that shocked in me and everything ( I think i can't even forget even if i want to) 

Went to the police station with one of my teacher and guide together with my partner and did some paper work etc... 
WOW... just... .. Never will I want to experience that again in my life ! 

But well, just being a littleeee positive i was able to walk more on the normal streets in Rome unlike my other friends HAHAHHA LOLLL who had to stay at the hotel lobby/restaurant 

But I was pretty thankful to my group leader and few of my friends who tried to cheer me up <3 div="" nbsp="">
Will never forget how you guys cheered me <3 br="" nbsp="">
Some last minute shopping before heading to the airport

I was TOTALLY broke but thankfully my guide lent me some money 

The feeling after what had happened 

Waiting for boarding time

If you notice my nose was red from all the sobbing 

Feat: Air stewardess 

Some random shots by my friends

Finally landed in Singapore with an empty back.... 

Well... Thank God I still have my camera and luggage ...
Though some of the important stuffs were in that bag ><
like.... my favourite colour pencil (Because it was in a metal casing and
and can no longer find it... I mean there is still metal casing colour pencils but
it is not the style of colour pencils that i needed. Not sure if you get what i mean HAHHA), my phone
which contains LOTS OF PHOTOS **************

I hope that person lives in KARMA !
God knows what he/she/they have done !

Thats the end of my art trip to Italy :) Thank you for waiting for such a long time :P

Next will be my Japan trip last year ^^ 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Italy school art trip 2013 pt6

Still day 5 in Italy despite the date since its SGT :)

Just some random shot throughout the bus ride

Finally reached our lunch place at a local indian restaurant 

FYI: Im already in Rome <3 br="" nbsp="">New 'Home' for the next 2.5 days
wouldn't recommend this hotel..(Reason will be said in D7)

Day 6

Simple breakfast again 

We're here at Vatican City!
Oh and its the best to go by tour so you don't have to line up
for a super duper long time. Thats what my guide told us. As they allow
all the tour groups to enter first than those not in tour. And also
if you're in tour you'll get to know more about the place/history clearly
(thats what I feel)

Thats the St. Peter's Basilica which we'll be going later
(Its kinda connected)

World Globe in gold

The green ewer piece is damn COOL ! Just one-sided and it
allows all of us to hear what our guide is talking about !

Showing us what we would most likely see
at the sistine chapel which is the main reason why
we're here 

Some super duper old sculpture back from the past

The amount of sculptures in the hallway is JUST... JUST..

JUST... WOW Though it felt a little scary as it is all faces ><

Everything is just so -spechless-
even the ceiling  

TBH... Theres a lot of photos that I don't know what
it is...But I just had to snap it #^^# Its gonna be sucha
waste not to snap anything about history!
(Not that I like or love history infact I kinda dislike it)
But I don't mind looking at it LOL you get what Im trying to say.

Friends imitating the sculpture behind 


Seriously... The ceilings there got to stop being so
artistic ! How I wish I got more time to tour around
(Thats one bad thing about tour is that you don't have enough

Even the floor is so artistic !

Can you even imagine that all these were hand done
by people from the past? LIKE WOW how do they do that one
the ceiling?

HUGE sewings of the story of Jesus
Its really super huge and long !
Maybe around 5-6m by 3m ?

Really, how do they do it?
WONDERFUL <3 td="">

Supper with Jesus

NOT ME! How I wish LOL 

Scenery from a random window :) It can still be beautiful 

To the sistine Chapel !

Taken from google.

We are not allowed to have photography inside as it will spoil the paintings when time passes.
Everyone is just silently enjoying the painting. Photo does no justice to Sistine Chapel ! N-O  J-U-S-T-I-C-E !
Thats how A-M-A-A-A-Z-I-N-G ,  W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L the whole place is. The ceiling and walls 
Its worth getting neck-ach from the long awe in looking at the paintings! Really if anyone of you get to go to Italy I feel that SISTINE CHAPEL IS A MUST SEE ! I wanna go there again to feel the peace and the seriously speechless feeling !  

The Pope

Water ! FINALLY ! Its so thirsty after sucha long hours of walking around the Vatican City
At St. Peter's Basilica

Waiting for the door to be opened .. maybe cuz theres prayer inside? 

Cannot wait to get in ~~~

Since we had to wait a little longer the guide took us a tour just outside

The door is gonna open soon!

Interesting cravings on the door that
I do not understand :P

Yayyy! Time to go IN ~~~

The best ever SHOCK  OF MY LIFE !
IT IS SO BIG, SPACIOUS,kinda grand feeling AND the high ceiling
that seems as high as the sky( Maybe a giant can come in too ! ehh~Come to think
of it..maybe no... giant can't even pass through the door first>< )

I kinda like this photo :P

I'll leave the photos to do the talking (About this awesome church[?])unless
its something incredible to me :) 

I was told that the words and everything were done by people from the past
like once again HOW DO THEY DO THAT! ITS SO HIGH UP!

That thing in the middle, i have no idea what it is BUT IT IS INCREDIBLY HUGE
I felt like I'm in a giant house LOL I also have the thought that I'm in heaven ! its just ....
Pls:Those blurry and slanted photos were taken by my friend
(I lent him my camera for a while)

I wonder how people worship when its so noisy...
I even doubt if they are really sincerely worshipping or
its because its a famous destination and stuffs
(Sorry I doubt easily >< ) I mean if it was me I couldn't concentrate and everything
like the amount of tourist that comes everyday even though its for a certain
timing... but still... 

The first pope i guess ?

This painting is *thumbs up*

photo with the guard LOL

Photobomb in action ! HAHAHA

By the way thats my history/Language teacher (Not that I take history but
she taught all of us the history of Italy and some Italian ) Yeap she can speak in Italian  

Indeed a place to visit when you're in ROME <3 br="" nbsp="">You will defiantly FALL IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING!
1 day I would love to come here during christmas!

Bye St. Peter's Basilica and Vatican City....

Off to.. to.. COLOSSEUM !

But first let me take a selfie..cheyyy JOKING!
First let us have our lunch !

Best strawberry ice cream! If you know me, I don't eat fruits that are
made into different fruits besides orange ice cream:) But this strawberry ice ream
taste so heavenly even after those 2 main dish(?) 

Finally at COLOSSEUM 

Playing with my zoom while in the bus :P hehhehe 

I guess I'll leave the photos to do the talking too!
Too amazing that I don't want to say anything :P
You gotta experience it yourself ! 

stepping on the only few marbles that were left back from those decades
as they used most of it to built other half of the Colosseum that
was destroyed.

Did you all know that only half of the colosseum were back from those days?
The other half were man-made. I was quite shocked and disappointed when I heard it
from my guide cuz I thought it was totally original all along ㅠ-ㅠ
But oh well... it still looks WOW! <3 td="">

view from one side of the colosseum 

So this ends my Day6 in Italy aka Rome :) 
Actually we went to Fontana di Trevi,Capitoline Hill but it was all captured in my phone as my camera batteries (Both the using and emergency one went out of batt) and unfortunately ... something occurred on the last day and I don't have those awesome photos and memories that I want to look back and show off ㅠ_________ㅠ 

Story will be told on the last post of the trip...