Friday, May 15, 2015

Taiwan Trip D-6 (last day)

24 April

Woke up at around 8AM and packed my luggage (Actully nothing much to pack since i packed Most of the things before i went to bed the night before) Only left with sleeping cloths and washing up tools :P Neat is Jamie again XD 

Did not had breakfast at the hotel.. we met the driver close to 9AM and he brought us to have traditional porridge as breakfast.

 This totally suit my taste bud in the morning <3>
 20mins in the van and went to some store/factory to buy 名产 back to SG
Didnt buy any cause ... buy already also wont eat

 Halfway through the drive when i suddenly woke up(yea fell asleep as usual)
And the scenery is just too beautiful the camera isnt doing justice

*writes in bucket list*

 The place where JH jiejie and JC korkor took their wedding photos
AWESOME scenery , bad drizzle *Roll eyes*

Indeed this place is called "wedding Plaza"
 Camera not doing justice again
 too lazy to take raincoat and since my jacket is a little water proof so... WHY NOT

 "came back here again with additional 1 and soon another 1 "
came just to do some photo shooting :P
 Went to 情人桥
 Look at the cheeecky boy's way of walking
 Mentally married to ..... close to 80 guys maybe HAHAHA
Physically .... SEXY FREE AND SINGLE *Sings SJ song S,F&S*
CHEYYY JOKING! not sexy but free and single HAAHHAHA

PLS: Just realized that the snapback im wearing , JACKSON(GOT7) has a white version)
WOW I bought it thinking it was just plain cute and comfortable ! 

and to think i actually wore it to see him and the other 6 hehehhehe

 Just check out how cheeck that little boy is 
especially when it comes to taking photos...

 Finally a more glam photo HAHAAH
And pardon all of our hairs...THE WIND IS  TOO STRONG
 Meanwhile at 情人桥...this 2 girls....sigh..

 Percentage of me drinking starbucks ....5%
Cuz theres i ordered (Buy 1, 1 free) and since 3 people wants than 
i'll drink too XD The chocolate is nice! the pudding isn't (I dont really like pudding)
 Went Yu Ren Ma Tou more or less our last minute shooping and to buy my mum's bag
Shopped for 30mins .. ok not shop it was really just walking around until time pass for us to meet at our meeting point.
Headed back to the van before 5AM and rushed to the airport to do some refound since we bought some bags... Didnt had dinner and boarded the plane back to reality SG...
Dinner for Jean and me were prickles cuz we didnt want to have a $5 cup noodles AHHAHA 

Reached SG at midnight and our family came to welcome us :P

This comes to the end of my awesome Taiwan trip without my parents and brother.

Pls: was kinda sad i didnt manage to buy a single album that i listed out and put in my wallet..
HAHAH Why so hard find kpop shop de ~~~ 

Anyways, thankkyu for reading about my trip !<3 br="">

Taiwan Trip D--5

23 April

Guess I was too tired that even though Jean's phone rang at 730AM (yeah her alarm again XD) I managed to slept till 830AM (didnt hear any ringing in the middle)
Breakfast at 930AM
Feeling kinda healthy LOLL

Music is LIFE <3 p="">
Met driver around 1020AM
Rode for 1hr 20mins to come to YiLan/LanYang Museum

Its about water,geographic stuffs about Yilan

After around 45mins we came out and its time for LUNCHIE !
20Mins ride to this chicken restaurant
Cant live without vegetables
For once Jean is finally using her hands to eat! Not bare though HAAAH

How they cook the delicious chicken *Drool*

Than a few minutes ride to 泡脚 its free btw :P
Sleeping in the middle of the road like a BOSS

After 30mins we had chilli ice cream that was at the side 
Its tasted a little weird and we couldn't finish it

Than our driver bought us some famous kinda pancake HAAH

Trying to shit halfway through the 20mins ride to see 
"Starry Starry Night" and "向左走.向右走"
Failed Jump shot to touch the train ><

Hey!Look ! Im holding the whole train with 2 fingers :P
Awesome Jamie is Awesome *Flips hair*

Nephew being cheeeecky

"Don't walk separately lehh"
"Are you searching for Nemo there...?"

"I totally understand how it feels to be alone"

Good things are meant to share
"Lets share our umbrella"

My 5th Taiwan boyfriend who only know how to walk towards the left....

5th cuz first 4taiwan boyfriends are FEILUNHAI XD
yeah bang table,wall etc all you want HAHAHHA

Just wondering if there's anything at the other side of the luggage...

I know I can just walk 2 steps and see... but taking photo mahhh HAAHHA
I can say this luggage is around 157cm
Lost and found red bag pack

Trying hard not to let the bag be drenched
Why cant I take carry this bag up and bring it to the police station?

At first i was wondering why got abandoned 2rooms until when im leaving than i realized it was their house that was afterwards "bombed" which was then they saw each other
Trying very hard to bring the both of them back together....
Maybe i can be a matchmaker LOL JK

I've got no idea what we did afterwards .... most probably happy shopping and eating since I dont have anymore photos for the day XD