Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Canada/U.S Trip pt2

Day 2(12/6)

Day 2 starts with waking up at 6.30AM and leaving home around 7.30AM

Dad's first ever left hand drive try :) *Wears safety belt tightly*

On the way to Granville Island

Arrived at destination

Let the tour around the market ? begin ~~! 

Famous bakery shop in Vancouver

How can i say no to hotdog ?

WOW they even have additional sides for you to put yourself

Sausages and cheese with 3 different kinds of dumplings kind of thing

Our breakfast
Bought an owl drawing for my cousin and a photo with the artist ! She draws really nice and if it wasnt so expensive i would buy some drawings back for myself ...

Listening to the guy explaining about the nuts and some funny stories :P That guy sure make good jokes


Mothers will still be mothers no matter which country they are at
Anyone shipping them ? I DO ! Halice shall be the couple name PUAHHAHA


After shopping , sitting down to discuss where to go next and how to go

Met this flute(?) guy when i went to Australia too isnt the world small meeting him here again of all country ?

Kind of him to sign our CDs we bought from him

He really does a good job playing the flute(?)       

They even make work place so interesting and artistic

Just a random shoot thinking of Epic High since they were performing in the U.S and i keep seeing this kind of places in Tablo's IG LOL though this is Canada

Just pretty amazed with the wires for the transportation

Just a normal cool looking clock lying on the walkway

Walking around

Seriously even the smallest thing ( ok its not small ) They even bother to make it look nice with all the artworks

 Pardon me.. Was just playing with my zoom while the rest were talking about some stuffs that I dont remember LOL Maybe i was not multi-tasking ( I can if i want to HAHA)

So.. thats where all the bags were placed !

First time paying parking fees
Walking around Gastown

Flat iron building

The founder of Gastown

Time Is Precious

Steam clock. Look carefully at the top you can see some steam coming out ! At first i took this photo because everyone there was smoking (Didnt realized it was a steam clock until Aunty Christ told us about it HAHHAHA)

I always feel fascinated seeing graffiti


Kids having learning excursion

Yummy lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant 

Does this photo feels artistic to you? Zoomed unto this when I was in the car ready to find some good ice cream to eat :P Literally there was a pair of shoe hanging just randomly on some wires.

Came to this Gelate ice cream that sells over 100 flavors OWOWWOW
Even their carpark IS SO NICE!

I've never seen people walking  R A B B I T

Here comes to Ice-cream heaven!

Sticking to original flavours are STILL THE  B E S T

Cause there isnt any place to sit and enjoy the ice cream HHAHA

Enjoying our ice creams

Whats so funny~?

Walking around mini Italy after ice cream

Lim family 3/4

Sending back snail mail back home for brother and ourselves

Time to know your steak well !

Dinner at Banana Leaf that was high recommended

The Hor Fun was pretty nice just that the green chilli doesnt suit me ...

Drove to Stanley Park around 9.20PM(YES ITS NIGHT AND STILL  B R I G H T )

One of the main purpose was to take a look at all these poles

Planning where's the next location :)


Too nice not to take another few more good shots

Yeap so our next location is some light house that has AMAZING SCENERY TOO

Not watch for cars

Ended our night quiet early since the next day is SUPER EARLY FOR US and if you're wondering whats on my dad's face its some moisture mask HAHHA I did mine already :P And i literally fell asleep the moment i led on the comfy bed !