Thursday, July 16, 2015

Canada/U.S Trip pt3

Day 3(13/6)

Prices: $340 for car and 6 adults for boarding Ferry
            Around $30 each for entrance to Butchart Garden

Day started with waking up at around 4AM (yes  F O U R) prepared stuffs and left around 5AM.

Wondering where we were heading to? Just continue reading ^^hehehehhe

Beautiful sky

Around 45mins drive to ..... Ferry Terminal !

Thats right going on a ferry

Worth waking up early in the morning

Yeap the car is going in the ferry too! HOW COOL IS THAT!

Gonna be the second car to get in from the second lane ~~~

While we still had lots of time we went to a nearby rest station(It was just at the side) to have breakfast that the mothers prepared  <3 br="">

So early that there were THIS MUCH cars lining up

Starbucks is EVERYWHERE


Hot Chocoate for me !

You/I cant even see the end of the car line

Feat: left over hot chocolate that is no longer hot because of the cold wind

We were actually pretty cold thanks to the wind

Look at the amount of carSSSSS

Waiting for time to past to board the ferry

Doing some morning exercise after exercise

Friends ever since NS days

Photo on spot! This shows how strong the wind


Started going in the Ferry around 7AM

Ferry 's carpark

what our car will be seeing the next 2hrs

Manual door! Once you're not pushing the door closes

View from our seats (Which is useless since I was at the upper deck/outside enjoying the cold breeze)

Parents will be staying indoor that's a confirm plus chop

Theres even a mini playground for kids!

Went to outside to take a look with my dad(This isn't the uppermost deck)


Who needs a fan blowing for effect when there's natural cold wind blowing ?

Taking a glance at Canada's flag
Reason why I have small eyes and flat nose~

Let it blow~ Let it blow~

Lets just enjoy the scenery !

What do you spot in this photo?


And obviously birds HAHHAHA Pls:the moment i start zooming around means im just bored HAHHA

Im sorry the next dozens of photo wont have caption cuz its just me being bored and also just capturing beautiful moments while on the ferry

Im in the middle of NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN

Yellow bus that im used to seeing it in cartoons only

At Victoria City Centre

Same same but different (LOL I know i dont make any sense here)


Trying hard to earn money the easy way #FAIL

Snack timeee

Random shots at the bottom cuz there nothing more for me to shop


Lovely dovey

Artworks are  E V E R Y W H E R E  

2 Parking notice at a go.....

Before we left we managed to catch some performance by the elders

Gulf island


Butchant Garden

Please enjoy the following millions photo HAHHA

paparaazzi Jamie

Real Maple leaves

YEAP I captured these on my camera


Spot my mum

Did you managed to spot her?


Its a real plant! It seems and feels like plastic but it isnt !

snacks again before heading back to Vancouver via boat
And I definitely didn't upload all the flowers/plants photo or else next time you all no need to go already HAHHAH
And to end Day 3 ... WITH KOREAN DINNER !