Monday, November 17, 2014

Ialy School Art Trip 2013 pt4

Day 4  21 Aug 2013
(following SG time)

Well... its still day3 of Italy LOL
Pardon our selfies again ><

Dinner timeee! Its always a 4 course meal but I didn't manage to take everything XD

Just some paintings that the owner of the hotel did
He himself is an artist too!

Thats him! He willingly signed on some of our sketch book :) 

Here comes Day4 in Italy! 

Yeap morning selfie with mirror again XD

Just another simple breakfast:)
Pls: I can't eat much for my 1st meal

Artist choosing our sketch/painting of his that he liked
Afterwards we headed back to the place where our artworks were to continue :)

Taking public transport to AnaCapri where our artworks were :)

Bus ticket

in the bus(no air-con)

Still remaining the same :)

How the surrounding looks like

Selfie with handmade Jumbu

Hanging fruits on the pole 

Teachers' friend who came to support our opening cermony 

Well... If you are so good to spot my vandalising around that area XD opps!

With my new made friend from Italy art school

Another teachers' friend who came to support :)

We had some sketching time with our new made Italy friends 

Another 2 friends! Can you believe she younger than me(the girl at the side)
and she's the same age as me(the girl behind)

Feat: Italy Art School Teacher LOLLL

Going in the artist's studio

With the artist and his son :)
All the girls were going crazy over him XD Yes I'm included XD

3 generation in 1 studio ! Thats the artist's dad who is also an artist himself. 
postcard drawing that was done by the artist

3 generation signature :) 

On the way for Lunch before

The name of the restaurant

Yummy lemonade ice-cream


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A goodbye to capri... 

Enjoyin the boat ride back to Sorrento

I miss seeing this view...